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Understanding Risk for better Projects

Built World Risk AI


The Future of Project Delivery is in AI-Driven Risk Reduction

At Enlaye, we believe that clear and collaborative Contracts make for faster and cheaper Projects. That's why we built Enlaye Risk AI, to help all Project Stakeholders better understand and analyze the Responsibilities, Risk, and Scope in their Contracts, Bid RFPs, or Agreements.

Our Mission is simple: cheaper, faster and better Projects, for all.


Enlaye AI

With Enlaye, you can quickly intepret Risk in a Contract

Enlaye combines Built World, Construction, and Infrastructure Context with a new Contract Format to deliver Enlaye Contract AI - the definitive tool for finding, mapping out, and understanding out the Scope, Risk, and Responsibilities in a Contract.

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Unlocking Collaboration for Better Projects for All

Today's contracting status-quo holds projects up: it's too expensive, labor-intensive, unproductive, unnecessarily opaque, and needlessly adversarial. Enlaye Contract AI is the solution for all parties at the Negotiation Table, empowering collaboration and transparency during Negotiations and/or transfers of Risk, to achieve clearer, faster, and fairer deals.



Want to see Enlaye in action? Check out our Alpha Product Demo!

Our Alpha Product is currently undergoing Customer Trials, and is accepting candidates! Click the link below to find and book time with our Founding Team at your convenience:

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